Sparrow Clean-Point helps you create a cleaner facility and provides proof that you have done so.

As a consumer, you'd rather shop or dine at a place that you know is clean.

Businesses must take action to ensure that their employees and customers are safe from contagions. Cleaning happens. But how often? Sparrow Clean-Point is a hands-off log of when unique areas and surfaces are disinfected and cleaned with a public facing online report that allows your customers to know they are shopping or dining in a clean environment. Sparrow Clean-Point reduces liability exposure by keeping that log secure, helping your company stay safe from regulators and avoid costly infection related litigation.

Using unique optical markers and a mobile app to document cleaning activities, Sparrow Clean-Point helps to verify employee cleaning procedures are followed and with a location specific report lets your customer know that your business is Sparrow Clean.

How Sparrow Clean-Point Works
  • Clean-Point location markers are placed at or near to areas that need regularly cleaned.
  • Employees responsible for cleaning download and open the Sparrow Viewer app.
  • When an area is cleaned, the Sparrow Viewer app is used to scan the assoicated location marker.
  • Each marker uniquely prompts the employee for which cleaning actions were performed and allows them to record notes regarding the activity or the area.
  • The time of each scan event as well as the identity of the employee and their GPS location at the time of the scan is securely recorded in a log dedicated to your business's location.
  • Information about each scan is automatically stored on the secure Sparrow Oversight cloud established for your location.
  • Online reports and an audit trail can be viewed by authorized personnel and a public-facing report can be enabled indicating the last time each area was cleaned.
Getting Started and Setup? You need to put together a list of the spaces and things that need cleaned on a regular basis. Email that list to Pelican Technologies. Within an hour, we will have a dedicated and secure Sparrow web portal created for your location. We will pre-load the list of locations into that portal and provide you with management user access. Your team prints the Clean-Point Markers to sheets of AVERY labels and affixes them to the areas they belong. Setup is 100% online - Pelican will assist with remote training, support (if needed) and custom reports (if desired). The mobile app is free to download. There is a nominal monthly charge per location. Due to the pandemic, Pelican is waiving the initial setup fees for new Sparrow Clean-Point implementations. Contact us now to ensure that your space stays sanitized.

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